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Women, Divorce, and a U.K. Article
In an online article, I read of a local religious establishment that is under fire, especially the preacher, for a sermon that stated women are to submit to their husbands (dailymail.co.uk/…/Curate-outrages-cong). The headline was enticing, thus I read the piece. What I learned was that curate (preacher?) Mark Oden said that marriages are not working, and the reason they are not working is because wives do not submit to their husbands. “The apparent lack of obedience of ‘modern women’ was blamed for the high divorce rater.” Without knowing the context of the sermon and having only the online article, it is best to reserve judgment on what was actually meant in the particular context. However, it is worth noting the way some responded to these words. One woman asked how words like these could be spoken in the 21st century; she was disgusted by the sermon. Another woman asked what kind of medieval sermon was that!

Why is it that marriages fail? The male and the female have respective roles they “play” in the marriage relationship. The male cannot play the part of the female and vice versa. The husband can do the dishes just like the wife can take out the garbage. This does not address the kind of “domestic” work done within the home, but it is to say that each role is important and should honor God’s ideal. Marriages fail because of a couple of things (at least): first, there is a failure to have respect for the other and, second, there is a failure because one (perhaps both) refuse to apply the Lord’s will to life. Whatever a sermon might have or lack in substance, the failings in marriage can generally be nailed down to these.