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Letter to editor,

In an advertisement the Grace United Methodist Church (UMC) promoted, “America’s ‘Go Back to Church Sunday” on September 12. The Sunday has come and gone, and I did not even know there was such a campaign (Decatur Herald-Review, 9/9/2010, p. D-7).

The interesting thing about the ad, however, was not the campaign, but the message. It reads: “Go to church. Any church. This Sunday. You are always welcome at Grace.” That is the message (with the address and options concerning the style of worship available). What I find to be of interest is the notion of going to church, any church. That means that in some variation one can be exposed to an overly radical church, one can be exposed to an overly liberal church, and others can be exposed to everything in between. It does not matter, according to the UMC – just as long as one goes.

Is this supposed to be virtuous? Who determines its virtue?

Would it not be more appropriate to encourage people to “Go to church, the Lord’s church, the one he established (Matthew 16:13-19) this Sunday.”? Surely, it would. There is a problem with this, however. The problem is the multitude of churches that do not comport to what the Scriptures teach. The UMC promotes this deplorable religious confusion. If this is denied, why the promotion?