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What did Moses do wrong, when Korah and his associates leveled the accusations against him and Aaron as they did? Nothing in the text seems to indicate anything of substance, but when people want to level accusations, nothing of substance is needed. As far as the record is concerned, Moses had the Lord’s blessings with him in all his activities; whatever was not right, the Scriptures point this out to us. It is noteworthy that with the situation with Korah and his associates, the Lord was soon to show with whom He was pleased (Numbers 16:4). A quick lesson we can learn: when one does that which is right (because it is right), then the accusations that will fly (for they surely will fly) will be accusations that will not stick. There is no doubt that with some people those flying accusations will be believed, but with the Lord, the accusations will fall down to the ground. The ones who leveled them will fall also.