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The lack consistency of liberal policy is manifested in a man guilty of attempted murder. The leading line (paragraph) of the story reads this way: “A father of six pleaded not guilty Wednesday to an attempted murder charge that accuses him of trying to force his girlfriend at gunpoint to have an abortion” (Journal-Gazette, D-1, October 21, 2010). If liberal, progressive ideology holds sway, there is no reason to charge this man with attempted murder. It surely must be the case that, according to liberals and progressives, the child in the womb is not a child (person) at all. The way they dispose of children with their support of a public policy such as abortion testifies to this. If they concede the child in the womb is a child, then perhaps it might be asked how they are any different than men like Adolf Hitler?!

This harsh analysis is the outcome of a disgraceful and even harsher public policy; in fact, let us call it evil. Decent, rational, people with a moral code higher than themselves have come to see the egregious lack of consistency in administering justice, but more than that, they have come to see abortion as a moral problem. Why make laws against that which is not immoral? The last paragraph (sentence) of the story reads, “At least 38 states including Ohio have so-called fetus homicide laws increasing penalties for crimes against pregnant women, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.”

Story prompting letter to editor is titled, “Ohioan pleads not guilty in gunpoint abortion case” (Mattoon Journal-Gazette, D-1, October 21, 2010)