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Recently, I wrote a letter to a local editor on the topic of abortion and law. One lady in the expanded area took strong exception to my letter and addressed my sentiments in the newspaper (Mattoon Journal-Gazette, November 8, 2010, p. A-5). I was glad to see this; in my view, there needs to be a public debate about such issues (as there has been) for in this public discussion, persuasion can materialize.

Women have the right to make medical decision, we are told. This is true enough, but what is in view with this remark is that women have the right to kill innocent children. More than that, however, women should be given the right to make life and death choices. Note the following, “As long as a fetus is not viable outside the womb the woman’s rights comes first.” From the “moral” perspective of this one woman, life within the womb is not worth preserving if the woman carrying a child determines it not to be viable. From her letter, we learn that the standard of morality that supports this is called “autonomy.” The word means, self-governing or self-ruling. If each person is autonomous, does the child in the womb have the right to self-government? Not according to those who believe in killing innocent children!

Morality is either subjective (originates with man) or objective (originates in a source outside man). These are the only two possibilities. The former is associated with atheism and agnosticism, the latter with theism. Subjective morality is a standard that changes with time and people and, generally, liberals and progressives will align themselves here. It is this kind of morality that seeks to destroy innocent children, but this is under the guise of “reproductive choices” or “medical decisions.”

What is the difference between a child two months in the womb and a child two months outside the womb? Clearly, both are living – so, what is the difference between the two? If a child is killed outside the womb it is murder, if inside the womb it is choice. That’s a moral standard worth discarding! Some people identify this with a civilized society when, in fact, it is more aligned with barbarity.

Expanded remarks on a letter to the editor I submitted 11/9/2010