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A favorite way to just pass the time is to sit and observe people; some like to sit on a bench in a mall, walk in the park, or just anywhere where there might be an inviting seat. When we pass time this way, what is it that we see?

When we read Scripture the serious student will note the varied ways in which a particular writer writes. For instance, in Matthew chapters 8 and 9, it is easy to see that Matthew’s theme is the Lord’s authority (note 8:27 and 9:8). But, along with noticing this, many also note that our Lord took an interest in the individual (9:1-8). It is this interest in the individual man that we want to think on for a bit in this article.

In Matthew 9:9-13, there was a tax collector named Matthew who quickly answered the Lord’s call when it came to him. What prompted him to answer so quickly? Perhaps we can answer it as we consider what it is the Lord saw in him

What did the Lord see when he looked at Matthew? Perhaps He saw a man not satisfied with where he was in life. We don’t always know where a person is in their “station in life,” but it’s not really important that we do know. As the Lord extended an invitation to Matthew we ought to do the same toward others. Matthew gave up much in order to follow the Lord. He gave up wealth as a tax collector and he gave up the friends he had in his occupation. The religious restraints that so many try to shed, and presumably Matthew shed his in this occupation, he now willingly placed himself under. He did not place himself under “religious restraints,” but he placed himself under the Lord’s authority. Without regard to a person’s status in society, the Lord extended an invitation to Matthew. Let us offer an invitation to another person to serve the Lord. Just as we consider what Matthew gave up, it might be that another will give up just as much. RT