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Why is it that man thinks he can build it bigger and better and that this will somehow be pleasing to the Lord? When David, and then Solomon, expressed a desire to build a temple for the Lord, the Lord asked him what kind of house does he think can be built for the Lord that will contain Him (Acts 7:48-50). The whole earth belongs to the Lord and it is the earth that is the Lord’s footstool!

To answer the question I suppose I will give this reply: man thinks much of his own capabilities. Since he likes things bigger and/or better, surely the Lord will also. Thus, man has built ornate church buildings, provided each building with top quality furnishings, and even facilitated the facility with technical capabilities. All this in order to please the people and to encourage the maintenance of their presence.

Are we so shallow that we continue to think this way? Is it true that the individual can’t discern between the ornate and that which is of substance? Paul said, the power of God is in the material furnishings of the building, right? You know he did not. The power of God is in the gospel (Romans 1:16).

Perhaps we ought to look at this all over again. RT