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The other day a brother sent out an email sharing with us the sentiments of one who does not seem to like Christians. Reading his reaction (to something I do not know), it does not appear that he has much understanding of many things. I thought, however, I would express a few of my own thoughts on his remarks.

Christians are asked why it is that we rely on a book to guide us, and why do we insist that Jesus is real. To answer this I begin by saying the two are tied together. Jesus, while living on this earth, was the express image of God. That does not mean that He simply came and spoke by His authority, like an ambassador would for a country. He did that for sure, but it means more than that; it means that while on earth He was God in the flesh! Everything about Him represented and was in fact God. While here on this earth he spoke words to educate man about the realities of life here on this earth and the realities about life in the spiritual realm. Those words were written down, thus the Book of God to guide us.

Then we are asked what I think is an interesting question: why do we think Jesus cares for us? This is interesting because it suggests that the one who asked the question has no one that cares for him (presumably). To answer this we could consider another question: what does love do? Love seeks that which is good for another. A mother lover her child; she seeks that which is good for the child. The Father loves His creation; He seeks that which is good for His creation. Good, in this case, is eternal life. Since Jesus came to this earth to tell us of the love of God, this is why we think He cares for us.

After the interesting question he asked, he goes into a commentary about the Bible – something that he is, evidently, completely inadequate to deal with. In fact, his remarks demonstrate much ignorance. He speaks against the earth being the center of the universe, the earth as flat, heaven and hell are physical realms above and below the earth. He must think the Scriptures deal with such teachings, which, of course, it does not.

Does the Bible really enslave people? That is what he thinks. Moreover, he thinks Christianity is a manipulator of people. Notice especially the last few words of his diatribe against Christians.

Many ppl are manipulated by religion christianity is a a slave based religion made of storys of mythical gods from ancent religions before its time. Even the symbols. The cross and the star of david were pagan sybals before gods ppl had use of them for there own purposes… But even with this proof u still beleave the storys u read and still proceed to give a false image of salvation…. when it is truely false… U r truely ignorant ppl…….

I don’t mind when people speak against what they believe to be false; it’s unfortunate, however, when those who speak against really expose themselves.