I don’t know that there is any among us who could be a “Moses.” Think about what he was called upon to do; he led the people out of Egypt, through the Red Sea, and toward the land promised by the Lord. In Numbers 11 many of them complained. They complained because they were bored with the edible routine. It was Moses’ fault (11:10-15). As you read try as best you can to empathize with Moses.

Preachers will never be a Moses, but they will surely feel the wrath and complaining that Moses experienced – to a much lesser degree, of course. A preacher almost has to be a mother in order to heal wounded egos of a brother or sister who feels he (she) has been slighted. A preacher needs to be a parent to make right when two brothers or two sisters (in the Lord) are fussing at one another. A preacher needs to be a grandparent with many years of wisdom to help troubled souls know what course of action to travel. A preacher needs to be a father who is plain spoken to administer discipline in the form of a stern talking to. Do you think Moses had to go through all this? I suspect he did.