Rich Lowery’s recent commentary in the March 5th issue of TIME Magazine on the plague of the out-of-wedlock births and its “productivity” on society. His concluding remark sums up well his piece:

For now, the decline of marriage is our most ignored national crisis. As it continues to slide away, our country will become less just and less mobile.

His remarks are on target.

The Scriptures are clear that when the Lord created both the male and female He created the institution of marriage. Some degrade the word “institution”, but it is a perfectly acceptable word that ought not to be minimized. When it is, the sanctity of marriage is also minimized.

Children that come from these immoral unions can be loved and taught things that are proper for not only decent society, but a society that is also to be moral. Unfortunately, many of these unions are the result of a society that has nothing of a moral code but that which is called hedonism.

I say many (rather than all) because there are some horrific circumstances that have resulted in some unions that are only one-sided.

Unions that result from consent of two do what they can to destroy a moral society. Unions that result from force is as evil as a thing can be – speaking strictly from a human perspective.

In both cases we have a social catastrophe.