When love operates as God has designed for it to operate there will be consequences. There is a positive consequence to love and there is a negative consequence to love. Both consequences should produce in the recipient a better understanding and further improvement in one’s behavior.

While Adam and Eve were in the garden there was a serpent that had no one’s interest in mind but his own (the very principle of the evolutionary theory). He did not care one single bit about the male and female, he cared only to make them fall, to destroy them. Eve gravitates toward a tree the Lord had forbidden her to eat from; Satan knew this and lied to her. In her mind she allowed herself to be deceived. She gave to her husband and both were now deceived. Satan, who did not care one single wit about either one, accomplished what he desired.

The love of God now had to exemplify love’s demand. There are consequences to love, and the consequence that followed brought much pain and agony to God’s creation. Still, the Lord did not leave man without hope and meaning.