Jeremiah was God’s preacher to a nation that was bent on its own destruction. Not only was there resistance from the nation in general, but especially disappointing was there resistance from those of the priestly class that had some semblance of knowledge. As God’s preacher was lamenting his circumstances he cries out to the Lord, “O Lord, You induced me…” (Jeremiah 20:7). The word “induced” is also rendered “coerced,” “enticed,” “persuaded.”

Interesting when you think about Jeremiah using such a word in the Lord’s direction, isn’t it? As Jeremiah tied to resist the Lord’s fire within him would not allow it. When Jeremiah considered the effort of others to persuade, coerce, or induce him in their direction – the choice was easily made (Jeremiah 20:7-10). Do you feel the weight of the family, the church, your work environment, or your community against you? If you do you might remember Jeremiah.