Last night (4/15/2012) I had a short lesson from Ezekiel 8 with three primary points. There is an image of jealousy, does the Lord see, and is it a trivial matter. Ezekiel was God’s prophet while Judah was in Babylonian captivity. While in Babylon the Lord took Ezekiel (8:3) to Jerusalem (in the spirit), and showed him those things that many thought the Lord did not see.

The image of jealousy – whatever it might have been – was an image that provoked anger in the Lord. What were these people thinking at the time? Did they actually think the Lord could not see what it was they were doing? That is exactly what they thought. Because the Lord had “scraped” the land of the inhabitants in His wrath, surely the Lord did not see, at the very least, did not care what was going on in Jerusalem (8:12).In this they were mistaken. In this, that which they thought was relatively trivial, to this the Lord took great exception.

There is a lesson in here for us. There is never a time in a Christian’s life where the Lord does not see or does not care. Whatever it might be that resides in the dark chambers of our heart we can be sure the Lord sees it. It is a challenge to us to open our heart to Him and expose it (cf. Psalm 51:7-12).