I wrote this letter because of my continued effort to expose the irrational nature of an objective moral code based on evolution.

Letter to editor,

According to the evolutionary model of morality that is being pawned on society it is necessarily the case that right and wrong are muddled (at best). Such confusion results in there being no justice done when a malcontent decides to extinguish the life of others, including himself (“Five die in shooting at Ariz. Home,” JG-TC, p. A-2, 5/3/2012). In such an evolutionary model to whom will he account himself?

Many people will assert that the perpetrator of the crime most certainly did wrong, but in accordance with relativism (evolutionary morality) that value judgment has no substantive meaning; it is only wrong because one wants to believe it is wrong. Fortunately, most that are rational have forsaken such a godless approach.

The value of life is minimized when the judicial system takes a perpetrator of a crime and a judge allows for a possible sentence for that crime of only three years (“Verdict,” JG-TC, pp. A 1-2, 5/5/2012). What is the value of a person’s life? Since abortion holds sway with liberal ideology it has become much less valuable. Our judicial system does not even know how to value a person’s life when a crime is committed. Consequently, the judicial system perpetuates a confusing mess.

In such a chaotic world people seek for wisdom that is more than the mundane, more than confusing in a world where morality is quite confusing. Many turn to Buddhism, and perhaps much can be gained there, but it is a system that is atheistic. Moreover, it got its start with a man who abandoned his wife and child to find meaning and answers in his own life. For one local person I guess he did no wrong, he just evolved! Perhaps this is the kind of morality that particular one adheres to.

If morality originates in the mind of man, confusing will be the modus operandi of life. The alternative to such confusion is for one (all) to turn to Him who transcends life. To Him and His standard we will be held accountable. The moral code of man’s Creator can’t be improved on; it can only be applied.

What some people hope to escape when they kill themselves (after killing others) will bring them right to the feet of Him who created all.

Submitted 5/11/2012; printed 5/15/2012