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Not long ago a lady from Arizona took exception to the fact that I said a homosexual person can change behavior if there is a desire. She said this will occur as soon as pigs fly. When I read that I laughed.

I suspect she is something along the line of an agnostic or atheist. Surely a Christian would not make such a foolish statement! I know better.

In any case, a recent letter to the editor I submitted to our local paper dealing with preaching politics in the pulpit. Near the end I again mentioned that sinful behavior needs to change. Please, take a moment to read:

Letter to editor,

Should the “pulpits” in our community preach politics? From the voice of one the answer is no. The pulpits are, presumably, the podium for the expounding of God’s word. Admittedly, some don’t do a very effective job when we think about the moral confusion that surrounds some churches; nevertheless, confusion existing or not, that is the “job of the pulpit.”

In a recent Pew article link there is encouraging sentiment that more people prefer that “politics in pulpit” not occur; the number is not high, but encouraging nonetheless (http://www.pewforum.org/Press-Room/Pew-Forum-in-the-News/Pulpits-tread-lightly-on-politics.aspx). This generally means, the report said, that people do not want preachers to tell them for whom to vote. That is reasonable enough, I think. It seems, however, that when candidates stand opposed to God-ordained morals, men and women who call themselves Christians will understand that opposition and take a stand for God’s way in spite of political leanings and affiliations. It seems that’s the way it should be, but it is not.

Preachers needs to preach not only the love and salvation of God’s way (Acts 4:12), but also against sin (Romans 3:23; 6:23). To do the former and not the latter encourages confusion and delusion. When sin is not opposed such as homosexual marriage, heterosexual fornication, adultery, drunkenness, etc., then people are encouraged to blur the lines of morality. On the other hand, when the Lord’s way is faithfully proclaimed God is glorified and people do change.

I guess pigs fly!