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Recently, an article has been written regarding the topic of the “Synod of Bishops.” This article pertains to its use and relevance in the Catholic Church. Evidently, there was a point in Catholic history where the bishops of the church had less relevance than they do today. This has since changed and, in part, because of this collegiality of the “Synod of Bishops.” One author said, “The Council wished to remind the Church that bishops, always and necessarily acting in union with their head, are both vicars of Christ in their own dioceses and members of a special “college” which, under the leadership of the successor of Peter, has a unique and grace-filled role in the governance of the whole Church.” The desire of its existence then is in mutual support and guidance to the Bishop of Rome (or Pope). In fact, the last sentence of the article says this: “The whole process is an exercise of collegiality—a means of unifying the successors of the apostles under the successor of Peter to more effectively teach, rule and sanctify in the Church of Christ.”

The Catholic Church is not the church of Christ! Even though they like to consider themselves to be such, they have long since gone past any teachings of the Scriptures on the topic. In fact, not only will one not find the word “pope” in the pages of the New Testament, that same one who looks will not find “Synod of Bishops” in the New Testament either. Of course, the Catholic Church is not “plagued” by such limitations as in following the teachings of the Lord as revealed in the sacred pages of Holy Writ. With such an approach everything is certainly allowed. The sentiment of Judges 17:6 applies to them.

The Catholic Church is a man-made church that has no authority, absolutely none, to exist. A great many people feel that is fits in with the sentiments of the Holy Spirit in 2 Thessalonians 2, but whether it does or not, it is clearly not the church the Lord said He would build when He spoke to His apostles at Caesarea Philippi.

There is much to be said about and against them, and if one needs a place to start, let him start with what the Lord said in the New Testament (cf. John 12:48).