That is the approach of the Episcopal Church. Their regard for things sacred hangs on only because some of its members try themselves to hang on. I doubt, however, these members are all that well-informed concerning things biblical for if they were why would they stay as members?

Biblically speaking, the Episcopal Church is not the church one will read about in the pages of the New Testament; it is not, and never has been. This is made all the more apparent when they look at God’s stand on marriage and thumb their noses at Him who is creator of all. The church that one will read about on the pages of the New Testament, the one that belongs to the Lord (Matthew 16:13-19), will stay with the Lord and not compromise His ideals for the benefit of any community.

With regard to marriage, what is the Lord’s ideal? The answer is seen in Genesis 2:21-24 and Matthew 19:3-9.