Can one find the meaning of life in the Scriptures? As we read Genesis we note that God gave man meaning when he gave him life and one single prohibition. What was that meaning that God gave man in the Garden?

Man was created perfect and innocent of wrong; he was charged with the task of tending to the Garden’s needs, and when the Lord gave him his help-meet (a female), he was able to do the Lord’s bidding, not being alone. He had, therefore, a relationship with his creator, his wife, and the land he was charged with working.

Sin was introduced to man, and as a punishment for disobeying (this is another term, in this context, for rebellion) man was cast from the Garden and life was extinguished. Was it his physical life? Since he continued to live physically, it could not have been that. Connected with his physical life is his spiritual, and that too continued to live. Connected to the spiritual life, however, was that relationship he had with his Creator; that relationship was severed (cf. Isaiah 59:1-2).

Man’s “meaning in life” was now no longer existing, which was relationship. Man could explain the reason for his existence, and he could even have meaning in life with regard to the relationship he had with his wife and the ground which he was to work. His meaning, however, was not as it once was; the relationship with the creator was gone; no matter what he tried to do to reconnect he failed.

But for the mercy and grace of God his meaning in life would never be the same.