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Does God want us to do morally right? Seems like a silly question, I know. Yet, that is the opinion of one who wrote against me in a recent letter to the editor. “God would want us to do what is morally right, to put an end to the moral evils of persecution if that is, there is a God” [sic].

The opinion writer thinks I am confused; she helps me out of my confusion by giving me what she thinks God wants. She does not even know whether or not God exists, and she postulates what God wants. Arrogant? You can judge.

This gets to a larger point, however. Atheism and agnosticism adopt a morality that can’t get any higher than “I think.” If there is a collective response of atheists and/or agnostics, then it is “We think…” That is the highest they can go. In order to give themselves a “high” standard they formed the dogmatic creed of the Humanist Manifestos I and II. This gives them their collective “we.” Still, that is all the higher they can go.

Will Durant, an atheistic philosopher of many years ago, wrote a book “On the Meaning of Life” (1932). In this book he confronts the “bitterest possibilities” of life’s meaning without God. He said, “The growth and spread of knowledge, for which so many idealists and reformers prayed, has resulted in disillusionment which has almost broken the spirit of our race” (p. 4).

I smiled at this lecture in print of hers to me because she thinks I should accept what she thinks God wants.