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Letter to Editor

It is now official. What so many have noticed long before this the Democrat Party now officially stands for that which is immoral. I am not speaking about taxes, immigration, Medicare, support for Israel, gun control, or things of this sort; I am speaking about two things in particular that are in direct opposition to God: same-sex marriage and abortion. Of course, abortion has been a hallmark for the democrats for a good while (page 52 on 2012 Democrat National Platform), but same-sex marriage is now a plank in the platform (page 53).

The other day I heard a political analyst dismiss the platform plank as insignificant. It is not insignificant when it becomes a plank in the party indicating that which will be promoted and defended. It is not insignificant when the Lord stands in direct opposition to these two platform planks and man, in all his wisdom, thumbs his nose up at His creator. It is not insignificant when people, who call themselves Christians, show more loyalty to a political party that spits in God’s face than they do His standard for decency.

There are a lot of conscientious democrats who call themselves Christian who won’t consider this insignificant at all and, thus, won’t be voting for a political party to whom they otherwise might be loyal.

Printed in the Herald and Review (Decatur, Illinois)