Letter to editor,

In today’s paper (12.24.2012) there is the headline “Illinois clergy members advocate for gay marriage” (A-3). The headline is ambiguous enough to encourage some to think that “all” those associated with the profession of religious preaching support gay marriage. This is hardly the truth and, in fact, is a long way from it. It is not until near the end of the article that there is some indication that not all clergy members in Illinois support such an immoral policy.

Homosexual behavior (and marriage) is both a violation of nature and God’s will as expressed in the Bible. Since there is NO scriptural sanction of homosexual marriage there are many biblically uninformed religious preachers (leaders) who promote the agenda based strictly on political, social, and immoral grounds.

Will immoral homosexual marriage become law in Illinois? If it is up to two Chicago Democrats the answer is yes. Those who have supported these particular democrats and others who have supported such immoral behavior have themselves to thank for their contribution to society’s moral breakdown.

Printed 1.8.2013 in the Mattoon-Charleston Journal Gazette