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Letter to editor,

In recent history the Catholic Church has been rocked by moral scandal. This is brought to the forefront of our attention with the recent resignation of the current pope. Whatever failings there might have been (or are) with individuals in the Catholic Community, by and large, they are an institution that promotes morality based upon a standard that is higher than anything human.

Contrast this with the standard of morality by an atheist, agnostic, or skeptic; their moral code is strictly the standard of self. Of course, it can’t be any other way. This foolish approach to life results in hedonism – a philosophy that sets forth pleasure or happiness as the greatest good. This selfish philosophy was exactly the way men like Joseph Stalin lived life.

Since this way of thinking has nothing but self as the standard of evaluation, remarks like the following show a lack of depth: “Those of us that don’t believe in God, know the good or bad that comes to this nation is solely the work and responsibility of humans” (Letter to editor, 11.20.2012). Much in this sentiment is true, but to know what is “good” or know what is “bad” in an objective way is impossible when the standard of evaluation is one’s self.

In a different context, but in a related way, an EIU philosophy professor wisely wrote: “The only way to deepens one’s belief is to have those beliefs challenged and questioned. In much the same way I challenge and question those beliefs of my colleagues and students which I think are mistaken” (Letter to editor, 10.6.2012).

Atheism is devoid of an objective standard of right and wrong! Because it offers nothing but emptiness people assign meaning to various actions and activities. In the case of one letter writer it appears that self, President Obama, and atheism