It may not be realized, but God’s prophet, Jeremiah, struggled on occasion with the Lord’s response to him as he spoke to an obstinate people (Jeremiah 15:18). Jeremiah was God’s servant during the last days of Judah’s existence as a nation. He was to speak the Lord’s word to a people who refused to hear; when he became wearied by it, he actually wondered if the Lord had left him. The Lord’s answer to Jeremiah was not at all the expected answer (Jeremiah 15:19). In other words, the Lord called upon Jeremiah to repent. “He must dismiss any misconceptions about God and accept the divine reality that had been revealed to him” (Dayton Keesee, p. 358). There is an application for those who are devoted to the Lord: let us not forget that the Lord is steady through all the turmoil one experiences in life; we must come to grips with our own emotions while experiencing the heartache and pains that we do.

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