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Last week I mentioned the discussion I am currently having with a brother who left the Lord entirely; this week, keeping the same theme (“up to the challenge”), I recently read an article that is quite discouraging, but not surprising. The article title is “How the West Really Lost God” (Christian Research Journal, vol. 36, no. 3, 2013, pp. 20-23). The article addresses the loss of “religiosity” in both Europe and the United Sates. In Europe, the Lord has been gone for quite a long time. (What I mean is that even the little semblance we have toward the Lord in this country is not in Europe at all.) People in western culture have accepted the humanistic approach to life and brought confusion into the norm; this is their religion. It is quite disappointing to see. While they consider themselves wise in perpetuating this confusion/multi-culturalism, the wisdom they brought is, among other things, nothing more than moral chaos to people. Children are born outside of marriage, people of the same sex become intimate, alcohol and party are promoted as the accepted “joys” of life; it is hedonism (self-indulgence) at its worst. In Europe, this has been going on for years—long before the debauchery arrived on our shores.

Not to be outdone, however, are our own leaders in this country. This includes teachers, local government officials, preachers, police and county law enforcement personnel, state and national government leaders, business owners (“If you want to make money sell alcohol.”), etc., etc.

Many in this country don’t know what is right because the parents of the children, by and large, did not teach what was right. “How can you say such a thing like that?” one might incredulously ask. Parents taught, no doubt, but exactly what did the parents teach, and why did they teach it? It has been said unknown number of times that parents teach what is important, and they even teach the “why” of it. Personal hygiene is a good example; people understand the importance of brushing one’s teeth, taking a bath, having clean clothes, etc. Understanding, however, that each of us will stand in front of the Judge of all the earth—now that is not something that is readily (or easily) taught! This is because the parents little believe it or don’t even know it at all. Those children, not taught, will become (and are now) our leaders in the community.

Our country is on the ship called Titanic! Though the Titanic is going down, the Lord has prepared a life-boat for all that love Him. The ship is going to sink, but we don’t have to sink into the frigid waters; with much effort we can save as many as the Lord gives us opportunity (cf. Galatians 6:10;  James 5:19-20). This is a challenge to each of us;  there is no need to shy away from the evidence that is very obvious.

Here are some things you can do: first, consecrates the Lord in your life (1 Peter 3:15), second, apply the two great commands all over again (Matthew 22:34-40), third, do good unto all people (Galatians 6:10), fourth, be sure your life is a reflection of the glory of God (1 Peter 1:13-16), and fifth, live life industriously (2 Thessalonians 3:6-13).

Doing these things, because we have learned from the Lord, means that we will teach our children the same.