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Paul spoke with disappointment when he mentioned the Jews of his day having listened to the reading of the Scripture with a veil over their hearts (2 Corinthians 3:13-15). Because they shielded their hearts from understanding God’s word, that shield actually played a significant role in them crucifying Jesus (Acts 13:27).

The veil (or shield) that is over the heart when God’s word is read is a shield that distracts. For instance, when one is reading the Scripture and sleepiness settles in, the shield is in place; when one reads and one is thinking about lunch, the shield is in place; when one reads, but the previous evening’s events are on the mind, the shield is in place. All of us understand why and how distractions find a home, but Satan is especially pleased.

Many of the Jews were guilty of placing a veil over the heart because they wanted to be distracted from what the Scripture said. If they heard what the Scripture said, that might turn their hearts away from prejudice and encourage them to walk toward Christ. This, however, would have meant  being ostracized from the Jewish community, which could also include one’s livelihood.

Distractions can be so powerful that we eventually turn away because we no longer desire to hear the Lord, lest we have to turn away from our comfortable routines. Besides, there is too much on the mind! “The mind is racings and I can’t concentrate,” someone might say. Regardless of where the distractions come, when they come and we are not on our guard, that for which the Jews were guilty will be the same with us. Paul said the gospel is veiled only to those who are perishing (2 Corinthians 4:3-4). Perhaps you ought to give a little more thought to this.