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The men who lead in the services of the church—what should you expect from them? It is a simple question, but one that is fair in the asking.

The men who lead are expected to have Christ first in their lives. This is such a given that little thought is given to it any longer. But, there should be some thought given to it. Standing in the presence of the Lord and His people is a heavy responsibility, and one not to be taken lightly. Thus, when one stands up to lead in prayer, it is only reasonable to expect that the one leading is devoted to God in life and in prayer.

More than this, however, the one who leads in our assembly is not the one who misses because of a soccer match, or because of the inconvenience of locating another church when out of town, or because of a cold. These same ones won’t miss work (their form of employment) will they? The answer is no because of the “value” gained from work.

Men who lead the assembly in any (and all) capacities are to be men who have sanctified their lives in the life of Christ. These same men understand human failings, but they also understand the Lord’s forgiveness, and they have a desire to please Him who is the Lord of life. These men are never inconvenienced by the Lord, but, in fact, the Lord is first in their lives in all that they do. You have a right to expect that.