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In the bulletin last week we gave some attention to the fragrance of Christ and to distractions that result in a per-son’s life. We noticed that the life of the Christian is to be the fragrance of Christ, but distractions please the “god of this world.” Today, from the same letter Paul wrote to the Corin-thians, I would like to address the idea of being unequally yoked.

To be unequally yoked is to be tied to one who does not share the faith you have. There are two key words: “unequally” and “yoked.” To get a good sense of what is meant, consider the context. Paul addressed himself to the Corinthians with regard to those things he experienced in his own relationship with the Lord (2 Corinthians 6:1-10). Paul then makes an appeal to the Corinthians concerning why they have had difficulty accepting him (6:11-13). The reason for their difficulty was because of that to which they were tied (6:14-18). They were unequally yoked to things that dis-tracted them, putting a veil over their hearts.

The word “unequal” is a word that is clearly under-stood. A wife is equal to her husband in intellect and in work accomplishments, but if she considers herself inferior (unequal), her outlook and accomplishments are entirely different.

To be unequally yoked to something that distracts or  is oppressive is to be tied to that which destroys. The Christian has embraced the cause of Christ; to be unequally yoked to that which destroys is giving credence to that which is not equal to Christ, but which has an influence that destroys.

Paul, writing by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, said the Christians are to stop being yoked in this fashion. This is a most serious exhortation from God; to fail to heed what the Holy Spirit said in this regard is to fail to hear and obey God. RT