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In the mail that came yesterday was a catalogue that promotes the selling of musical equipment and all things related, dedicated toward “worship sound.” On the inside cover is this remark with regard to their goal: “…saving you time and hassle by allowing you to keep your attention on your ministry rather than sifting through page after page of irrelevant products.”

Whatever is to be said about good intentions in the selling of products – and I am of the persuasion this applies here – whatever is to be said, I wonder if it ever enters into the mind of these product sellers that there seems to be something wrong with selling products in the worship of God? I suppose, if so, it is not lasting, because it continues on.

Perhaps I am mistaken, but I don’t recall anything along that line in the New Testament concerning things to make or purchase in the Christian’s worship of the Almighty. New Testament Christianity is such a great thing when one thinks about it.