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Peter said to Ananias that he had not lied to men, but he lied to God when he contrived in his heart the plot to deceive others into thinking that he gave a whole when he only gave a part (Acts 5:1-6). This teaches us a valuable lesson concerning truth-telling. We all know the value of telling the truth and, if so, why is it that some continue to lie to themselves with regard to any number of things? It goes to show, however, that it is more a struggle than one might like to admit. Consider how the Lord replied to Ananias’ tactics (this includes the actions of his wife). We need to be true to ourselves, but this starts with being true to the Lord and His word. What good will it be to say “I am true to myself,” when there is no truth in me in relation to the
Lord? Being true to self is not virtuous, but being true to the Lord is!