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In a news article dated August 30, The National Park Service in Missouri pitted themselves against religious institutions such as the Baptist and Pentecostal churches. Evidently, the Park Service felt they needed a 48-hour ahead-of-time window before representatives of these churches (or any other) could perform baptisms in the river.

Of course, this did not go without a response from the various churches, the media, and a congressman (Jason Smith). The response was so great that not soon after the National Park Service gave a clarification: “As of today, the park’s policy has been clarified to state that no permit will be required for baptism within the Riverways,’ Supt. William black wrote in a letter to the congressman. ‘I can assure you the National Park Service has no intention of limiting the number of baptisms performed within the park’” (www.foxnews.com).

Do you think that if there was no outcry the National Park Service would not have this policy in place? Don’t be naïve, they sure would! Those in position of authority within the park service calculated the response that would be given them, but they calculated not as well as they thought—or they did calculate accurately, but wanted to test the waters (no pun).

To further exemplify this tendency of the government to act against Christianity, illustrations are given from Michigan University, the San Francisco International Airport, and the attorney general with regard to a religious baptism in Heritage Park in Olympia, Washington.

Many in our country have turned away from any semblance of Christianity. This same “many” have accepted the intolerance of the Islamic religious community and have denied that the mouth they feed (Islamic radicalism) will shortly turn and devour them. They are naïve. RT