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The Holy Spirit made it very clear when he had Paul write with regard to those who set their mind on the things of the flesh that they have set their mind on the wrong thing (Romans 8:5-8).

What does it mean to set the mind on the flesh? It simply means that when one hears God, and does not do what the Lord said He wants done, the disobeying person has his (her) mind on the flesh. The word flesh in this context pertains to those things that originate in the mind of man, such as fishing, immorality, family picnics, debauchery, ball games, and/or the way in which one dresses.

Don’t misunderstand; some of the items listed above  (fishing, family picnic, ball games) have nothing to do with disobedience to God—except when they take priority in one’s life over the Lord’s way. Thus, when one tries to do right by the family, but has forsaken the Lord from his or her presence in the doing of it (whether in a single occurrence or on multiple occasions) – now that is another matter. Those who live this way fall right onto the path that leads to destruction (Proverbs 14:12), and this is not a good place to be!