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                Why is it that I seem to be suffering more than the next one? This is a question that can easily be asked by any number of people throughout one’s life. if we have not asked the question yet, surely we can appreciate the one who does (and the question itself). Paul addresses this idea in the last paragraph of 2 Corinthians 4. Our outer nature (the physical flesh) is wasting away; it is getting old and, as old things tend to do, wears out. Man, however, is not only an “outer” nature; he also consists of an “inner” nature. In fact, the apostle said that man is a “tri-part” being; that is, he is made of soul, spirit, and body (1 Thessalonians 5:23).

In the passage under discussion, Paul only mentions two natures in order to make his point. The inner nature of man does not wear out, but it does need strengthening and encouragement. If it does not receive these important nutrients, then it weakens and is discouraged. In the spiritual realm, it dies.

Why do some suffer more than others? There could be any number of reasons why this occurs, I suppose. The point, however, is not why it occurs, but what approach will one take to the handling of it. The inner nature is strengthened only by Him who is the creator of man’s spirit. He helps us to get through this difficult life by focusing our attention on the glory He has prepared for us. If one does not do this, then the attention is focused on the here and now—and just how encouraging is that for one who “wears out”? RT