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In last week’s bulletin, we had a brief discussion on the word “restore” from Acts 1:6. We noticed the word is not necessarily associated with the apostle’s incomplete and inadequate understanding of the word “kingdom,” but with regard to the timing of its arrival. Let us, now, say a few more words on this. In John 3:3-5, Jesus spoke in relation to the new birth and kingdom entrance; exactly what the disciples may have understood at the time is unknown. It was later that Jesus said some other things about the kingdom of God (Luke 17:20-21). Clearly, the disciples were able to put some things together when they asked Him (Acts 1:6) concerning the “restore” of the kingdom: spiritual rebirth put one in the kingdom; but David’s kingdom was material. If the kingdom was in their midst (Jesus was present), then the kingdom they asked about pertained to the spiritual kingdom of Christ, the church. RT (PART 2)