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It seems so unfair that the behavior of the generation before us makes me suffer today. It may be unfair, but it is the course of life. That which is sown must be reaped by those who have sown it and by those who will experience its ramifications. When abortion is sown into the wind, the whirlwind of harvest is a devaluing of life (consider euthanasia). When homosexual marriage proponents sow the wind immoral selfishness, the whirlwind reaped is the degeneracy of morality for the larger community. When political survival is sown, the whirlwind of “at all cost” is reaped. It seems so unfair when men and women who call themselves Christians vote for men and women who are politically partisan rather than for the ways of Christ. It seems so unfair—and it is. Now let us reap what we have sown.