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            In Psalm 36, the psalmist reflects on the thinking and doing of one pursuing a life without God. One who lives without God is living as an atheist; that is, he live as if there is no God to who one will give an account. He also flatters himself when confronted with his sinful behavior with perverse talk and mischievous plans.

On the other hand, God’s glory encourages the thoughtful saint to put emphasis on Him, and not on human fallibility. God is merciful and firm in His judgments. Those who rely on Him find that He is also the preserver of life; a man will find his life preserved when he finds happiness in God’s wisdom. In truth he can’t help but to be satisfied and happy!

Loneliness is a miserable experience! Though there may be times when one insists on being alone, loneliness is more than just being alone; it is the feeling of emptiness and failure. God’s saint, however, is never alone; he seeks God’s peace (comfort), presence, and prosperity (favor). Those who stand opposed to God’s saint, God gives protection, and when prayer is offered it is answered.