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                The psalmist said: “Oh, that men would give thanks to the LORD for His goodness, And for His wonderful works to the children of men!” (Psalm 107:15, NKJV). It was a tremendous lament of Jeremiah to watch his city being destroyed by the Babylonians because the people in the city refused to hear what the Lord had to say. Jeremiah warned and warned, but the people wanted to go about their commerce, they wanted to tend to their children’s ballgames, they wanted to be sure they had enough money in the bank so they worked when opportunity was available, and when the family called for an outing it was important to be there so whatever desire the Lord had was to be put to the side for the moment.

In the expression with the use of the word “ballgame” a point is made that can’t be missed but by the spiritually dull. Yet, it is the spiritually weak that needs to hear the Lord all over again. How does the Lord want man to give thanks to Him for His goodness? To begin, one could and should be a faithful Christian; second, one could and should be gathering with the saints whenever there is a meeting; third, one could and should teach others about Him because the life lived is a reflection of the salvation gained. Though a large number of people want salvation from the Lord, a great many of these same people expend little interest and effort in understanding and maintaining that salvation. There is a sad day coming for a great many who call themselves Christians. The Lord’s lament will be the experience gained by those too busy to give thanks to the Lord.