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In the living room (or some other room of the house) is a screen; it may be in a box or it might be flat, but the screen is there and it is a preacher of sorts. It is not the preacher that readily comes to mind when thinking on the word; that preacher is in a building on Sunday, perhaps on Wednesday. This preacher that is in the living room (or some other room) is of a different sort. The one (or more than one) in the house provides a variety of messages for the “called out” (or should that be “called in”). If one message is not sufficient, then with the click of a button another message can be chosen. The key for the “called-in” is to be entertained, influenced, and instructed. Unbeknownst, however, for those called in to the house to watch a program (or two) is the nature of the instruction that is actually finding a home in the heart of the instructed. One preacher talks about God and righteous living, but the preacher in the living room talks little of this if at all. One preacher is seen and heard on Sunday (perhaps Wednesday), and must compete with the preacher sitting in the living room. Which one, do you think, has the greater influence?