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Psalm 120 is a prayer to the Lord to relieve one from the lying tongue. Who are the liars around the psalmist that he feels the need to offer this prayer? It is those who love war rather than peace (120:6-7). As I was reading the Psalm, the thought occurred to me concerning those who lie to themselves, and the struggle they endure trying to get a handle on it. The Psalm does not seem to address this notion, but can you imagine the struggle that many have as they reflect on their lives and see the damage done to themselves, not to mention that which is done to others? The Scriptures are plain—liars will not be in heaven (Rev. 21:8)! The struggle is great in this world of pain wherein, it seems, so many around us are nothing but liars, but the greater struggle is with ourselves when we lie to ourselves, and the Lord knows it.