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Moses was a great leader; in fact, the Jews thought of him as the greatest of their leaders in all of history. It is easy to see why they might think such a thing as this. Moses, though, was just a man. He was a man given a task by the Lord that he needed to accomplish. You will recall that Moses was a reluctant leader (Exodus 3 and 4), but his reluctance gave way to the Lord’s will. As God’s leader to a nation that struggled between rebellion and faithfulness Moses had to struggle with his own limitations and frustrations. Near the end of his journey to the land of promise Moses learned that he was not going to cross over the Jordan River, but he was to prepare himself to cross over the river from which no man can return. With much determination and faithfulness to the Lord he prepared the people for their own crossing, disappointed as he might have been that he could not enter that anticipated land of promise. Instead, the Lord said for him to walk up this mountain “and die on the mountain which you ascend” (Deut. 32:50). Moses did so walking toward his death. What might have been his thoughts we will never know. All of us are walking the same journey. Though we don’t know what Moses thought, you certainly do know what it is you’re thinking. Are you prepared?