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With much confidence and certainty a Christian will say to you and me: “I don’t care what he thinks. I serve the Lord, not him!” Yet, the same Christian will not like the idea of some other Christian getting attention more than him (or her). Somehow this is unfair. Is that what Peter thought when he asked the Lord concerning John in John 21:21? “Lord, what about him?” (NET) The Lord told Peter in plain language not to be concerned about him, but only tend to his responsibilities. “If I want him to live until I come back, what concern is that of yours?” (21:23, NET) It is true that some Christians receive more attention than others. Whatever reason may be for this occurrence, it is the challenge of all Christians to hear the Lord and do that which He said to Peter. Let us be determined to serve the Lord and hold the arms up of all those who are devoted to the Lord. Is the jealous one devoted to the Lord, or to what another thinks and does?