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With some, I suspect, this will win me “much favor”! Be that as it may, I feel compelled to write a few words on this which I saw in the 11.3.2014 Nashville Tennessean. The article (page 8A) was written by a professor/journalist Beverly Keel (Middle Tennessee State University). I thought the article was good, for it put a proper emphasis on what is important in relationship to the television A.D. by Victoria Secrets “The Perfect Body.” She rightly lamented the shallowness of the physical image of the female’s body in comparison with the truly troublesome issues in this world. “I was struck by the absurdity of the juxtaposition of my situation [relative to that advertisement]. I was moments away from going downstairs to attend the International Women’s Forum’s World Leadership Conference.”

While I wished the article to take a different tract that the one it took, there is enough in there that warrants reading. I, however, will take that different tract.

It is abundantly clear to any thoughtful person that the images of the advertisements are focused on youth, beauty, and sensuality. Consequently, through the years, among other things, our moral compass is degenerated into the empty and valueless cauldron of atheism. As a society we don’t know what is right, only what sells. We (as a society) feign as if we know what is right, but for the life of these valueless people, they can’t tell you why something is right, or why it is wrong – only that somebody thinks it is!

The sensual, physical image of that which sells (or promoted in some other way) means that the depth of one’s moral compass is about a half-inch thick! This is a major contributor to our degenerating national (and individual) moral compass. The value placed on the females as people, when the sensual is promoted, encourages others to think of the female as mere property to satisfy one’s desires.

Fortunately, the Lord has a better image of His creation than corrupted man, and without the Lord’s priority in place, should we expect anything less than what we currently have? I think not!