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The word “ethic” is defined as “the discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation” (Merriam Webster, p. 625). This is a word used often, but though it is expected some will know the meaning and standard used to judge, it is not always the case that it is known. In this section  of the bulletin we will be giving some consideration to the word from the Bible’s perspective. For instance, in Psalm 21, the NKJV used the word “evil” when speaking about the intentions of some people against the Lord’s way (Psalm 21:11). Though it is not explicitly stated, it is clear the standard used to determine exactly what is “evil” is the Lord’s standard of righteousness. In an ethical study or discussion there must be a standard accepted by which behavior is judged. Since the Lord’s standard of righteousness, as seen and revealed in God, is the ONLY standard that transcends man—it will be the Lord’s standard that is firmly in place to help us judge.