This is a letter I submitted to the Decatur, Illinois, Herald & Review Newspaper on December 1st. it was printed on 12/9.

Letter to editor,

In the November 30th issue of the Herald-Review there is an article on the growing problem of human trafficking. This is a moral evil that seeks to overpower others for the pleasure of some egotistical and economical reason. In the news report, this trafficking is called “the scourge of modern slavery.” Indeed it is.

Human trafficking is a moral evil, and I am able to identify it as such, based on a moral law that does not originate with man. The moral law of which I speak is that which originates with God. For instance, the Lord Jesus said something about a “golden rule” (Matthew 7:12) wherein people are to treat others like they would desire to be treated. Among the many other things the Lord said, this law will be a judge of man when life is over.

On the other hand, the atheistic/agnostic/secular (AAS) moral code by which our society lives proffers a law that is only self-serving. That which serves self-obligates a person to serve only self for hedonistic purposes.  Human trafficking is part and parcel of hedonism, seeking pleasure for self via whatever means are necessary.

If the AAS community has its own way, then the objective moral code that benefits man will be set to the side for purely selfish reasons. Every man, then, becomes a law unto himself, even if “every man” happens to be a community.

To judge something to be morally wrong there needs to be a standard that is higher than man’s. To use a standard set for by man to judge a moral evil (whether in the collective sense, or by an individual), is to use a standard that is arbitrary and evolving.