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Just completed a reading of Acts 1-5, taking special note of what the Scripture said with regard to salvation. In particular, what do those five chapters say about that which is required. Starting with Peter’s preaching during the Pentecost occasion (Acts 2), the following are all directly connected to salvation: Peter preached, those who heard were moved in the hearts, and received the word (2:41). This is the first point to notice; without receiving (accepting) the preached word, salvation won’t result. Peter told them to repent and be baptized (2:38). This will result in their sins being forgiven. Though the word believe is not used in the chapter as something those to whom Peter preached did, the fact is, they did believe. In chapters 3 and 4, we learn the same and then something additional. The recipients of the preached word had to repent and turn again (3:19), hear and heed God’s prophet (3:22-23; 4:4), obeying only One (4:12). Clearly we can see that what the Holy Spirit said in these five chapters is consistent (cf. 5:14, 31-32). Summarized, we learn the following is required for salvation: one must hear (read) the word, receive (believe) the word, repent, be baptized, and only obey Him to whom we will give account (Hebrews 4:13).