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Genesis is the story of man’s beginning. It was the time of the Lord’s creation of the male and his help-meet, the female. It was a time when, via the natural processes the Lord set in place, that two children (boys) came from the womb of Eve. It was also a time where sin took hold of man and would not let go. So tight was the grip that the two boys born from the same mother were at odds with one another. We don’t learn that one of the two (Abel) was at odds, but we do learn that the eldest was insecure and, to some degree, irreligious. Because Cain felt threatened by his younger brother’s religious devotion to the Lord, he sets out to eliminate that threat. Sin had a grip so tight on Cain that he thought he could get away with the evil deed (Genesis 4). But He who has eyes searching over all His creation misses nothing. Eve learned a hard spiritual lesson when she took the forbidden fruit, but the lesson that became exceedingly painful was the lesson that spiritual shortcomings, many times, result in physical consequences experienced. Sin in one’s life is the beginning of much heartache!