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How is it that one can recognize the Lord, but do nothing with that recognition? Recognition, in the minds of some people, means nothing more than taking note of existence or the presence thereof. Yet, in the case of Balaam, he had more than a recognition of the Lord; as the reading of Numbers 22 clearly indicates, he had a relationship wherein communication took place.

This was not just an ordinary kind of communication that is available to God’s children, such as through prayer. This communication was something different, something special. Though the communication Balaam had with the Lord was special, it brought along with it great responsibilities.

Balaam’s recognition, though great, was insufficient to keep him on a narrow path the Lord sets forth for all his creation. His recognition, in the end, was nothing that was of any benefit to him. The Scripture speaks loudly in this regard.

How well do we recognize the Lord? Do we recognize him like Balaam? It is not likely any will think they actually regard that Lord as insignificant as Balaam did. Yet, when we hear what He says and we don’t do what He says, then, as Balaam did, so do we!

To recognizes the supreme authority of God, to have a desire to obey His will, but end up not doing so is to recognize the Lord in the same way of Balaam. As with Balaam, don’t let something else get our attention and, thereby, compete with the Lord’s attention.