In my study of the words of praise to God from Hannah (1 Samuel 2:1-3), Elkanah’s wife, there are three points she makes with reference to God that are worthy of reflection. First, God is her strength (“horn”). With recognition that life comes from God, strength or fortitude comes from Him also in determination. Second, the Lord is Hannah’s foundation (“rock”). When one thinks about a moral foundation, there are two sources from which to draw. One can draw from a foundation put in place by man, in which case that foundation is fluid in nature, as if sitting in a bowl of soup. Or one can build upon the foundation already in place by God. Third, the Lord is Hannah’s wisdom (“knowledge”). Wisdom is gained by knowledge and experience. Wisdom, however, is useless if it is not implemented in one’s life.  When one thinks ab out what Hannah had to say with regard to God, much can be learned.