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There are a great many people living in this world who want God. They want God because only God makes sense with regard to meaning and purpose in life. There is nothing that atheism, agnosticism, or even some forms of skepticism can offer—it is always negative. Yet, for the people who want God, they don’t want God on His terms, but on their own. Because they think and live this way, they are not interested, many of them at least, in hearing anything of God’s will as expressed in the Scriptures (Bible). The Scriptures are rather clear about such an approach to life, and one can read it from Proverbs 14:12. There is a way which seems to be right with men, but the ends of it reach to the depths of hell (Brenton’s translation of Greek Old Testament (LXX)). Why is it that people struggle so much with this? It is not a struggle so much, but a desire to sooth one’s conscience when there is guilt laying within that is not addressed. RT