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Mark 15:39 reads, concerning the Roman centurion, “Truly this Man was the Son of God!” Clearly, a strong affirmation with regard to Jesus. Yet, some dispute that the centurion actually confessed the Lord’s identity or that He was the Messiah. Another translation reads this way: “This man was certainly a son of God.” The difference between the two is in the word “son.” Did the centurion confess the Lord as God’s unique (only-begotten) Son, or did he simply claim that he was a “godly man” who died on the cross? Some think that as a Roman soldier there is no reason to think he would have known anything about Jesus as God’s Son, much less confess His name. After thoughtful reflection, there is no good reason to me for thinking anything but that he confessed the Lord’s identity as he watched what went on. It could be that he was a follower of the Lord, even perhaps from a distance. Distance or close proximity—confession is good for the soul! RT