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A servant who deals wisely has the king’s favor, but his wrath falls on one who acts shamefully (Proverbs 14:35, NKJV). In my view, the king in this verse is not a king that has exclusively his own selfish interests in view, but a king who has his people’s interest in view. If the king has the Lord’s interests as his own, then this is even better! The servant who serves a king like that will get positive attention. The one who serves the king with the Lord’s wisdom within the heart is one to whom the king will continually consult. On the other hand, the shameful acting no longer has the king’s interest in mind but his own. He will not only experience disfavor, but the king’s wrath will also be upon him. If the king is the Lord’s anointed, then how much greater will the almighty King’s wrath be! RT